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Susan has been speaking to and educating the Tourism industry on Tourism Internet marketing for a number of years. Due to huge demand she designed an intensive two-day Internet Marketing Bootcamp specifically for the Tourism industry..

Nova Scotia Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Here are some comments from people who attended the Nova Scotia Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Steve Snair, Centennial Hotels
here is no way anyone could have packed more information into 2 days than you were able to.  It was relevant and comprehensive, and it gave proper weight to both general emarketing strategy and the particulars of implementation.  It appeared everyone's questions were either answered before asked or given full attention when raised.

Thank you.  It was not only an education in emarketing potential but also a lesson in how running a workshop this data-rich should be done.

Prince Edward Island Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Here are some comments from people who attended the PEI Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Bob Brammer, The Orient Hotel
It's not hard to understand why she's at the top of her field.

Yvette Tanner, Apple Inn
I learned more then I thought. Jam packed, lots of information, the presentation was very interesting. Susan knows her Stuff!

Evan McAskile, Firedance Country Inn B&B
A great tool to make a good site great. Susan provided numerous tools that I know will be providing me with more traffic. Susan is the best marketing speaker I have heard.

Heather Peters, Swept Away Cottages

Loved her, she was very informative and she really knows her material. Susan presented herself well and spoke in a language everyone understands.

Ryan Macdonald, Delta Prince Edward
Great info, great speaker, I really learned a lot. The knowledge I received will help my company make money for years to come. Susan is a dynamic speaker; very well organized, she made it fun, entertaining.

Judy MacDonald, Barachois inn
Best investment made in marketing ever. I certainly will be applying this information to the development of our new web site. This is the most up-to-date information I could have received. This has been top notch. I feel Susan is the best person to deliver this workshop. She is incredibly knowledgeable.

Cheryl Newcombe, Holland College
I was looking to be informed and I was. As a future developer I feel like I walked away with ideas I would have never have had without this course. Susan was well spoken and easy to follow and understand at a pleasant pace.

Glenn Saunders, Forest and Stream Cottages
I didn't realize how bad my existing web site was until I attended this course. Susan definitely kept me interested.

Larry Gaudet, Slemon Park Corporation
Great content in an area that many of us do not fully understand. We are in the process of building a new hotel/conference site and this will assist our corporation.

Ross Greig, Serendipity B&B Inn
Excellent coverage of multi-facets of this complex business. Good presentation to audience of all levels from beginners on up. Good explanation of ways to analyze and ensure good ROI. Great organization. Speaker was the best!

Cindy Cousineau, Greenvale Acres
Now if I could retain as much as I learned in two days I'd do great. Thanks for the handouts. Most of the new information I took from the session will improve what I now have. Great stuff!

Rachel Vidito, Murphy's Group of Restaurants
Jammed packaged session. Almost overload but not quite. Very knowledgeable – great speaker.

Laura Booker, Booker International Consulting
Wow – tons of great tips and ideas. Surpassed expecations. Best money I ever spent. Top Notch!

Dan Wall, Central Development Corporation
So much great information. It all generated a lot to think about and examine further. More in-depth than I expected which was good; her approach of showing the methodology was valuable and made for good learning. Susan was very engaging, enthusiastic and clearly knowledgeable.

Marsha Metcalfe, Strait Crossing Bridge Limited
I found this very, very informative and helpful. It exceeded my expectations. Good to know more about the good viral marketing techniques. I foresee a substantial ROI now that I am able to look at tracking better. It is most beneficial and substantial.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 12 - Raleigh, North Carolina

Here are some comments from people who attended the Raleigh Bootcamp in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tonya Chauvin, Houma Area CVB
If I can implement even one of the ideas effectively, it will have been well worth the money! The format of the Bootcamp was appropriate…. Its very helpful having the reference materials on CD.

Gary Bailey, CSS Hotels
Wow, I have a real feel for putting all of this together.. everything was presented in plain, understandable terms.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 11 - Toronto, Ontario

Here are some comments from people who attended the Toronto Bootcamp Ontario.

Yakov Stevens, Tripsetter Inc.
"Excellent! I know there was a lot to learn but Susan told us how much there is to learn and importantly how to do it in a clear and straightforward way."

Andrea Childs, Scotsman Point Resort
"Very helpful to me. The bootcamp will be very beneficial when we design a new website for my resort and doing Internet marketing."

Guy Lamarche, Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
"Excellent resource, easy to understand, easy to apply. The bootcamp is a definite asset to any serious businessperson. The ROI will be secured from the application of search engine tips alone the rest is gravy."

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 10 - Mashantucket, Connecticut

Here are some comments from people who attended the Connecticut Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Christina Baird, Canadian Tourism Commission
"Reinforced the direction my organization is taking and certainly added to my knowledge base. Great tips and really appreciate all the links supplied on the CD and exercises/charts. This seminar was excellent information and a great start. Very knowledgeable, great personality - respect Susan very much."

Regina Ford, Turf Valley Resort
"Very intense. Great content. The course hit all the hot buttons I was looking for. I feel like if I make a plan and work it that I can't fail to increase the visitors to my site and convert them to sales. She was interesting and engaging."

Ginny Kozlowski, Greater New Haven CVB
"Excellent. The Bootcamp exceeded all expectations."

Kristine Grabovsky, Coastal Fairfield County CVB
"Great info. Search engine optimization info is priceless. Fantastic."

Coleen Fabrizi, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration
"It provides a competitive advantage for everyone who invested the time and money to be here. Absolutely terrific, it is especially worth the investment in these economic times. Definitely armed to know which questions are the best to ask as I begin implementing what I have learned."

Kelly Rapone, Genesee County Chamber of Commerce
"I would rate it excellent ++. I'm confident that our company will benefit from my attendance. It completely exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be good but it was great. My eyes have been opened to many missed opportunities that will cost next to nothing to start doing! I feel more informed and prepared to be involved with our Web redesign. Susan you're great! Very personable and extremely knowledgeable"

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 9 - Nashville, Tennessee

Here are some comments from people who attended the Tennesee Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nancy Gravely, Gravely Travel
"I'm ready to tackle my existing Web site and take it to the next level. Excellent. Susan can address all levels of knowledge with ease."

Amanda Combs, KY Appalachian Artisan Center
"She was very good about explaining anything we did not understand. I feel this course will definitely give our company an advantage."

Gayla Schaftlein, Greater Louisville CVB
"More info than I expected. Susan knows her stuff!"

Mark File, Richmond Hill Inn
"I learned more than I thought I would! I'm creating a new web site so this will influence how the site is designed. I cannot think of another seminar that I have attended with more 'bang for the buck'. Great presentation. Excellent lunches. Nice hotel. Great personality, makes us feel like we can ask any questions. Has extensive knowledge, very organized."

Mark Wagnon, SC Parks Recreation & Tourism (Heritage Office)
"A wealth of information. Excellent tips for increasing visibility and visitation thru easy easy methods. I am excited to apply these lessons to our site, and feel the seminar will serve me well down the road as well. Excited to apply several lessons and/or change features that are currently weak. Thorough command of material and presentation is well done."

Jim Windsor
"Great information! Totally relevant to my job. Everything I thought it would be plus! If there were any questions you covered them well. Excellent job!"

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 8 - Corning, New York

Here are some comments from people who attended the New York Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Corning, New York.

Ginny Campbell, Finger Lakes Wine Country
"A lot of information to digest. It was excellent. Learned a lot - better understanding of search engine optimization, web analysis, web design and much, much more. Eager to share with my co-workers! Susan is fantastic!"

Marie Holcomb, Steuben County CVB
"Absolutely the best educational seminar. Exceeded (my expectations) - more topics discussed than I had expected. I feel much more confident to bring back a strategy for the CVB. Very interesting topics. Wonderful and will recommend to others."

Allen Fusco, Holiday Inn
"A great workshop. I would take this class again. I can definitely apply this."

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 7 - Bloomington, Minnesota

Here are some comments from people who attended the Minnesota Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Greg Bunting, Greater Minneapolis CVA
"I have been to several conferences like this and I feel this one was the best because of the amount of valuable information. I learned more than I expected. My knowledge level is medium to high and I feel that I learned a lot. I feel that if I implement only 4 new things into our e-marketing strategy it would become and investment. Great teacher!"

Jennifer Granstrom, Greater Minneapolis CVA
"Even with hearing kudos after kudos, I went in with very high expectations and it met and over exceeded my expectations. Knowing all of this will help save the company dollars in the future. I do feel more qualified and more valuable to my company. Excellent."

Lynnea Marks, Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge Company
"Our main problem was not even being aware of what to ask our web developer...we can now change this situation and work with our developer in a fashion that will be more aggressive on marketing."

Jane Heller, Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge Company
"It was more than I expected and not too technical. I felt Susan was very knowledgeable on every subject. Any questions asked she could answer. I know what I need to research more now - what is my responsibility versus website host."

Briana Schaub, Spirit Mountain Recreation
"I couldn't believe how much valuable content was packed into it. Lots of information. Susan is such a vivid and enthusiastic speaker that I never lost interest. She's wonderful. I'd see her again for sure."

Laura McCarthy, Greater Minneapolis CVA
"We covered an amazing amount of material - it was very valuable. I learned a lot."

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 6 - Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some comments from people who attended the Phoenix Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Phoenix, Arizona

.Lisa Bertini, Virtuoso
"Most comprehensive seminar/overview I've attended. It's nice to hear ideas and then be provided with the resources to do them. Fabulous!"

Bob Volpert, Idaho River Journeys
"Well presented in logical order. Geared to variety of businesses of different sizes. Susan provided a lot of info and I came away with some terrific ideas. Outstanding presentation."

Brian Compton, Travel Adventures
"You gave me a great platform from which I can dive head first into promoting my company on the Internet."

Jill Lejcar, National Aquarium in Baltimore
"A lot of great ideas - really practical, not just theoretical. I learned a lot. Thank you for speaking in common language."

Tammie Torres, Best Western International
"I knew a little before this seminar, but now I know what questions to ask of my Web developer."

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 5 - Atlanta, Georgia

Here are some comments from people who attended the Atlanta Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Atlanta, Georgia.

Julie Allen, Virginia International Raceway
"The presentation met my high expectations. Many companies today don't seem to stand behind their product with customer service. You are extremely proud of your product and with good reason - because it is phenomenal. Your enthusiasm is contagious."

Linda Bevan, American Automobile Association
"One of the best true experts I have heard present. VERY knowledgeable."

Vanessa Gaimari, Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
"This is one of the most inspiring, rejuvenating and informative seminars I have ever attended. You can't help being interested when the presenter communicates so well. Fabulous!"

Susan Cohen, Burroughs Chapin Company Inc
"I believe there were several items we can implement immediately that will almost instantly cover the seminar cost - not to mention the long term benefits and increased sales."

Amanda Klimak, Largay Travel
"Excellent source of info and very easy to digest. Far surpassed my expectations."

Robert Imrie, Mall of America
"What I learned will help us improve our site, increase visits and generate revenue from new sources."

Peter Rait, Beacon Hill Hotel
"Truly eye opening. Excellent overall. All I need is time - you've given me the tools. You were great."

Peggy Smith, Georgia Department of Industry, Trade & Tourism
"I am 'wowed' - much greater than I had expected. I appreciated the layman's terms - great."

Molly McGrath Curry, Housatonic Valley Tourism District
"I feel empowered to make better decisions. Very well organized. Lots of specific references to demonstrate points."

Jill Golden, Hilton Head Hospitality
"Jam packed with need to know info. Exceeded my expectations."

Amy Kerr, Colonial Williamsburg
"Great! I anticipated a lot and my expectations were exceeded."

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 4 - Point Clear, Alabama

Here are some comments from people who attended the Alabama Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Point Clear, Alabama.

Bill Murray, Jackson Hospitality
"Demystified the whole process. The Bootcamp exceeded all of my expectations. The Bootcamp tied all of the pieces together for me. Things I already knew took me to a higher level with specific examples. Things I had no knowledge of were made clear. I was able to visualize an entire Internet marketing plan at the end of the Bootcamp. Perfect pace, perfect content. Susan is a pleasing, professional presenter."

Alyson Trevino, Park Place Entertainment
"It's the perfect amount of information on each topic without being overwhelming in 2 days. I was able to take information from each section of the program. It made me excited to go back to work with some great new ideas and ways to go about doing some tasks. You stated that the binder was worth the cost alone - now I know why, because it's everything that Susan said and then some. This is giving me the ability to go back and prove why we should do several things - such as e-newsletters and e-zines. Format was great, easy to follow and I felt comfortable to jump in and ask questions. Great!"

Nikka Garrison, NOMTN
"Susan introduced great topics that I would never have been aware of if it hadn't taken this seminar. Susan discussed everything possible regarding Internet marketing. Her courses are informative and enjoyable."

Mary Parker, Barnsley Garden
"Very informative. Lots of good info to take home and use. The binder itself is worth the cost. Very useful!! A great working tool. Can't wait to read through the binder again and again and apply what I have learned."

Carolyn Daly, Gaylord Opryland
"Very impressed with the quality and quantity of additional resources provided within the binder and on Web site."

Jeff Richard, Louisiana Office of Tourism
"Eager to implement what I've learned."

Cindy Roberts, HLC Hotels
"Very worthwhile!"

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 3 - Denver, Colorado

Here are some comments from people who attended the Colorado Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Denver, Colorado.

Gail Dunning, The Delaware Hotel
"The camp far exceeded my expectations. Informative, meaty presentation & materials, packed with geographic-specific & industry specific information."

Patty Becraft, Springfield, Missouri CVB
"The amount of time I have saved researching all of the valuable resources included in the binder & bootcamp paid for the cost of the seminar. The flow of the entire seminar was very professional and effective! Wonderful and very informative!"

Toshi Tomchak, Inverness Hotel & Golf Club
"Great information! Packed 2 days. Definitely will implement these ideas/concepts. Everything I expected and then some. This information will be of great help."

Lori Hogan, Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association
"Very specific, good information for anyone in tourism. I was afraid it was going to be too technical. I cannot wait to start using viral & targeting direct mail lists. I wish our Web developer/design person could have attended too. Very good presentation. Plenty of breaks and informal Q&A."

Selena Dunham, Adams Mark Hotels & Resorts
"It was very helpful! I felt it was customized just for me!! I was able to get my concerns addresses and I learned more. I left with many new ideas. I want other employees to participate. I always felt that I could ask a question and that I would get an answer. The format was perfect and I was very interested. (Susan is) very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!!!"

Elizabeth Volkman, Greater Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Authority
"I took notes constantly - so much good information, it just made everything click - I can't wait to get back to the office. Pace was very good. I know how to talk to the experts - our ISP better watch out! I know what to ask, and what response I need. This bootcamp filled in the gaps with developing our Internet marketing strategy. Excellent! Kept my attention the whole time. Thank you!"

Clem Cleveland, City of Aspen
"I can see that we are behind the times. The overview created a lot of ideas. Excellent!"

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 2 - Amelia Island, Florida

Here are some comments from people who attended the Florida Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Amelia Island, Florida.

Sherry Byrne, Main Tourism Association
wav file (381 kb)

Larry Sieg, Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority
wav file (367 kb)

Brennan Breene,
wav file (255 kb)

Paige Somervell, Cape Fear Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau
wav file 1 (1.8 MB) wav file 2 (385 kb)

Mary Bishop, Virginia Tourism Corporation
"I learned a lot! I thought by looking at the agenda that I knew most of this, but I didn't! It exceeded my expectations. It really reinforced things that I knew had to be done but wasn't sure how to go about doing it. I'm hoping to take this knowledge back to our whole web and marketing team. Excellent, Excellent."

Tom Ridgway, Hilton Head Rentals & Golf
"Excellent. You exceeded expectations and the expectations were high. You've given us a tremendous amount of info which was great. Your enthusiasm was tremendous. I admire how you continued to demonstrate your passion for all subjects throughout the 2 days! What a great job."

Larry Sieg, Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority
"The Best, most comprehensive educational program I have ever attended. It not only lived up to my expectations but exceeded them. Wonderful step by step process for re-designing our Web site and preparing for future marketing strategies."

Debbie Gibb, Travel Adventures
"I learned so many things that will help make my site faster, nicer looking, get higher search engine rankings, attract more customers, bring them back, etc. I was very happy with the step-by-step descriptions of most sections. It really makes you see how manageable everything can be and that you don't have to be an expert to have an attractive, high traffic site. I think there's a lot of information I will be able to take back and use immediately. Susan treated everyone with respect and answered and encouraged questions. A lot of energy!"

Joyce Stinnett Baki, National Aqarium in Baltimore
"This was a great 2 days. I learned many new things, even more important there are things that I can implement immediately. Bootcamp was beyond my expectations. You have saved me thousands of mistakes that I would have made had I not taken this course."

John Pricher, Gainesville/Alachua County Convention & Visitors Bureau
"4 inch binder full of tips plus interaction with other industry professionals was great. My brain is full. This course will help me get more visitors to see and enjoy our area. This Bootcamp will help me explain to others how to improve. The casual feel and breaks were great. Susan is extremely prepared and knowledgeable."

Carlene Barrett, Florida State Parks
"Excellent information and presentation. Helpful workbook- backup for future use. We will implement a large percentage of what was presented. Excellent in depth. Definitely worth every penny. Excellent, interesting, helpful, informative examples. Very clear."

Sherry Byrne, Maine Tourism Association
"Great location, great company and diverse attendees. A++ presentation by Susan. More in-depth than I expected. The knowledge base I received will come in very handy for implementation at my company. Susan offers so many ideas to work with to build our marketing of Maine Tourism Association. Can't wait to start implementation of this knowledge. Because of the knowledge, I feel like I have graduated from a university class. Format layout was easy to follow and stayed interesting. You deserve a tourism award in presentation and speaking to groups and educating us."

Lisa Emery, Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau
"Very great and useful information. Some re-introduction which is always helpful and many new ideas to ponder, research and develop. Very well presented. Really good follow up notes on each section. I really appreciate the green workbook sections. Will help when ready to focus on keywords and search engine placement. Every point was well made, all questions were answered. A great flow of information. One of the best presentations I've heard in any conference/class"

Blaine Lansberry, Bahama House
"Great take home value - I have a list of 60 things to do tomorrow. Lots of energy!"

Lawanda Turnage, Mississippi Division of Tourism
"Very informative - learned a lot. I've been to several seminars but this was the best!"

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 1 - Grapevine, Texas

Here are some comments from people who attended the Texas Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Grapevine, Texas.

Sandy Parker, Llano Estacado Tourism Society
wav file

Andy Skadberg, Texas A&M University
wav file (656kb)

David Lee
Brownsville CVB
wav file 1 (828kb) wav file 2 (865kb)

Sarah Ruh, Texas Travel Industry Association
"This completely opened my eyes to the opportunities that are out there to use our Web site more effectively. It exceeded my expectations. I love learning new things and there was a ton of information that was brand new to me. I'm taking a lot of valuable information home with me. Definitely a great value and even after I've gone back to my office I'll have this binder as a reference as well as your Web site as a resource. I'll definitely be my office's Internet marketing expert."

Molly Griffith, @ction Travel Group
"Very informative. You did an excellent job of delivering the information at a level that could relate to everyone. My site will be a much better commodity."

Charyl Lavigne, White Mountain Attractions
"I've been pondering how we could bring revenue in with our Web site the last year or so. The seminar gave me some great ideas to start adding incentives, etc. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I can't wait to return and implement everything I learned and share it with others."

Dean Conwell, Irving CVB
"Excellent value!"

Paula Small, Saint John Port Authority
"Excellent content. Far exceeded my expectations. Wish I could do this full time rather than part of my overall job!"

Joey Wilkins, Grapevine CVB
"Much better than I expected. Very useful."

Sharon Bell, Town of Addison, Texas
"I can't wait to use this information in my plan, research and implementation. I only hope I can do a fraction of this."

May Vasek, Seven Falls Company
"Great content, detail and presentation."

Stephanie Locklar, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association
"I would recommend your class to others. You have great worksheets at the end of each chapter. I liked the marketing spin you put on the different strategies. You were great..where do you find the energy? :-)"

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